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          Ruian Haitie Import and Export Co.,Ltd
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          • Ruian Haitie Import and Export Co.,Ltd
          • Address2203Rm,Tangxia Building, Ruian, Wenzhou
          • region:
          •    Argentina
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          Wenzhou Haitie Import and Export Co.,Ltd is a trading company which established in the year 2006, Russia is our main market.Our team has a dozen years" working experience in Lada auto parts industry. Our goal is to supply uniqueness servic..
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          Company: Ruian Haitie Import and Export Co.,Ltd (瑞安市海鐵進出口有限公司) 
          Responsible Officer: Jinxun Zhang 
          Business Model: Production 
          Main products or services: ;  
          place of incorporation: Tangxia Ruian   
          Establishing time: 2012-6-6 
          Management System Certification: ISO 9000, TS16949| 
          Business major markets: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, East Asia, Middle East, Global Russia 
          Main Product: Lada auto parts;auto spare parts;body parts;brake systems;automobile chassis parts;ignition cable;Lada Sensor; 
          Main models: Lada; 
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