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          HID Hi/Lo bulb  2010-08-14
          HID Xenon Lamp Technical Parameters Item Technical Parameter...
          Ruian Mingchi Auto Parts Co.,Ltd      Location:
          G3 HID Bi-xenon Projector Lens Light (Seven color)  2012-07-23
          Easy installation, unnecessary damage the headlight. Ensure the headlight stabil...
          Helios (Hongkong) Electronics Co.,Ltd      Location: China Shenzhen
          PEUGEOT 407, CITROEN C5. valves  2012-12-30
          PC008-18 A/C compressor Electronic Control Valve PC008-18 is used for SANDEN 7...
          Jintan Puchen Electronic Co., Ltd      Location: China
          CANBUS HID ballast  2010-07-31
          Specification: 1.Working voltage range:9-16V 2.Input voltage:12V 3.Cold light...
          Guangzhou Evitek Electronic Co.,Ltd.      Location: China Guangdong
          H4 HID Bixenon Bulb  2012-05-13
          Bulbs item: H4 Hi/Low Color Temperature: 3000~12000K or any special color Li...
          Shenzhen Passion Technology Co.,Limited      Location: China
          lotus LED hid lens headlight  2013-03-18
          1. South Korean LED angel eye. 2. two levels of LED angel eye brightness for yo...
          GuangZhou AES car parts Co.,Ltd      Location: China GuangZou
          HID Auto Driving Lights_SM-918  2012-08-01
          Product Name: HID Auto Driving Lights_SM-918 Item No. SM-918 . Power: 35W, 5...
          Sammoon Lighting & Electrical Co.,Ltd      Location: China guangdong
          Sell Astec LPT46  2014-09-01
          Pphitop is on Astec power supply, model number: LPT46 Many thanks to give us ...
          Pphitop Technology HK Co.,Ltd      Location: China
          newest design auto HID hi/lo beam FH4  2011-07-13
          newest design auto HID hi/lo beam FH4: 1) Power: 35W 2) Lumination: ...
          Guangzhou NAO Electronic Technologies Co.,Ltd      Location: China Guangzhou
          55W Xenon HID  2011-07-19
          hid/hid conversion kit/xenon hid/xenon light/auto hid/auto xenon hid/car light ...
          Winyoo Electronic Group Limited      Location: China
          HID ballast for car headlight  2010-05-22
          We offer all series of Xenon ballast ,HID Xenon Kits and HID Xenon Lamps. All of...
          Guangzhou Goye Light Co., Ltd.      Location: China Guangzhou
          HID car conversion kits  2010-04-14
          Main Features: 1. Two pcs HID lamps, two pcs ballasts, installation accessories...
          Cartle Auto Accessories Co.,Ltd.      Location: China Zhongshan
          best quality slim hid ballast  2010-02-10
          Specification: Normal Input Voltage:12V/24V Adapt for all Models of Cars. Al...
          Jiaxing lmhid co.,ltd      Location: China
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