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          Interpretation of July car market segment in China: sharp decline in market share

          Release Date:2015/08/31   Sources of information:Gasgoo.com

          Gasgoo.com (Shanghai August 28) - Although the SUV industry recently surged rapidly, but cars segment still keep mainstream status, because with the maturing of domestic consumption concept, SUV models will gradually lose its fever.

          This point of view has been confirmed by production and sales data of China in July, that SUV sales and production respectively accounted for 32.12 percent and 31percent in total passenger sales and production, while car production and sales volume making up 53.33 percent and 54.3 percent. Additionally,while SUV only accounts for 27 percent and 26.88 percent in overall passenger vehicle production and sales volume, car production and sales volume proportions in the passenger vehicle production and sales reached up to 56.78percent and 57 percent respectively.

          But, many automakers shared a common worry that car’s market share is shrinking amid the overall market recession in Chinese auto industry. Therefore, almost all major car manufactures have been encountered with acute decline in market share.

          Though, A-class sedan has always grabbed the largest market share among all the car models, this model’s entire market share dropped 3.6 percentage points from 35.5 percent to 31.9 percent of a year earlier.

          In January to July this year, A-class sedan has a market share of 33.6 percent, a 2.6 percent drop compared with 36.2 percent in 2014, indicating A-class sedan is experiencing a shrinking market share.

          A-class hatchback model shared same adversity with A-class sedan. In July, A-class hatchback reported market share of 4.2 percent, a 1.9 percent decrease compared with 6.1% in the same period last year. In the first 7 months of this year, A-class hatchback market shares were 4.6 percent, falling 1.1 percent on a year-on-year basis. These data show that the A-class hatchback fell behind in market shares than previous periods

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          RE: Interpretation of July car market segment in China: sharp decline in market share

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