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          Introduction of I&A Certification

            These Auto Parts Manufacturers in Global Auto Parts Sources had been on-the-spot investigation and certification, which refer to the 28 items like Products Quality, Quality Control, Production Equipment, Enterprise Scale, etc.. The buyers could enter the business relationship directly with the auto parts manufacturers marked "I&A".
            More details about Certificate items as follows, The manufacturers would marked with the "I&A" while the had been approved, it also marked in the related items

          Certificate items

            Company Authentication
        1. Company Name:
        2. Country/Territory:
        3. Registered Address:
        4. Year Established:
        5. Legal Representative/CEO:
        6. Legal Form:
        7. Registration No.:
        8. Registered Capital:
        9. Issuing Authority:
        10. Date of Issue:
        11. Date of Expiry:
          • Enterprise Scale
        12. Plant area:
        13. Production Equipment:
        14. Staff quantity:
        15. Quality control:
        16. Government Permit:
          • Product situation
        17. Product Type:
        18. Used for vehicles:
        19. Annual production (amount):
          • Contact Information
        20. Name:
        21. Department:
        22. Job Title:
        23. More details please enter into: http://www.mhkrjqcw.com/vipcom/rizen/Cert.htm
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